About Us

Executive Training Solutions (ETS) is a Canadian training and consulting company specialized in delivering bespoke training programs and consultations for corporations, governmental organizations, ministries and individuals.

Through our global team, we strive to promote excellence in the following fields:

I-   Service Excellence 

II-  Professional Development

III- Leadership 

IV- Protocol & Etiquette

V-  Intl. Relations, Diplomacy & Media


We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience, thus all of our training courses are interactive and dynamic. All our programs are a signature design by ETS and reflect specific training requirements while elevating participants’ understanding and practical knowledge to new levels.

Complementing the expertise of our team members in their respective fields, our training methodology is based on the latest international training practices, references and theories. We use the tools of accelerated learning, emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to deliver information and much needed communication skills. Our training is underpinned by our understanding of Arab culture and the Gulf’s values.

Our training solutions are focused on establishing trust, instilling confidence, and developing critical skills to empower future leaders to make their mark.